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Why Choose a Practical Assisted Living Structure (PALS)?

PALS are cost effective alternatives to nursing homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly and physically impaired. Their design allows for long term living solutions or short term rehabilitation needs, and blend with existing homes for a seamless exterior appearance. They can help meet your family's needs by:

  • Keeping your loved ones safe at home and maintaining an independent quality of life
  • Preserving the homes and estates of your loved ones
  • Offering you a financial solution that works for your family
  • Enhancing the value of your home

Just the Facts:

The PALS patent pending model is a unique solution with designs that are flexible to meet your personal needs. Some standard features and benefits include:

  • Units measure approximately 14'x24' with first floor access to your home.
  • Each PALS unit comes equipped with handicap accessible bathrooms.
  • All units are energy efficient with self contained heating & cooling systems.
  • Units are typically installed in one week and can be removed when needed.

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