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Frequently Asked Questions

Farmington PALS


What is a Practical Assisted Living Structure (PALS)?

A PALS (Practical Assisted Living Structures) is a cost effective modular living unit designed to quickly and easily attach to an existing home with minimum structural disruption. When no longer needed, the PALS module may be removed and the structure restored to its original condition in minimum time and with minimum cost by our certified professionals. Alternatively, since the modules have been designed to conform to the visual integrity of any home, the homeowner has the option to simply retain the unit as a permanent addition.


Who will benefit from using PALS?

Elderly and/or physically challenged individuals capable of living at home if provided with accommodations to meet their special needs including:

  • Elderly who own or have access to a family resideSouthbury PALSnce
  • Physically challenged who own or have access to a family residence
  • Disabled veterans who own or have access to a family residence
  • Foster homes with special needs children
  • Group homes with special needs residents

Click here to see samples of our PALS floor plans


How can you benefit from a PALS?

  • The dignity of independence is maintained.
  • An easy and cost-effective means of modifying an existing home to accommodate individuals with special needs.
  • No compromise to the value of your home. When the unit is removed the home is restored to its original condition.
  • Cost savings to all parties: sponsoring agencies, insurance companies and third-party payers, users and their families.

Click here to see samples of our model PALS