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Sample Ranch Style Apartment Modular Unit

Because Practical Assisted Living Structures (PALS) are self contained modular units they can quickly and easily be attached and blended into any existing home and ready for use in a matter of days. They can then be removed later on if no longer needed. Illustrated below is a ranch style home with a PALS and the same home after the unit has been removed.

Ranch Style Home with a PALS:

PALS unit on Ranch Home

The addition of a PALS module requires little disruption to an existing home and installed within a week by our certified professionals. The Rockfall Company LLC maintains a staff of facility designers trained to assist the disabled and elderly in removing architectural barriers that may exist in their homes, thereby extending their home stay as long as possible. Learn More

Ranch Style Home before and after a PALS:

Because PALS are self contained modular units they can easily be removed from the home when they are no longer needed, moved to a different home or returned when the lease has run up.

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