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Practical Assisted Living Structure Basic Floor Plan 2

Practical Assisted Living Structures (PALS) modules, comprising a full handicap-modified bathroom, a full bedroom and various storage closet accommodations, are readily adaptable to a variety of home styles and layouts. The floor plan below presents a module that is entered from the end. The entryway in this depiction is adjacent to the bathroom on the wall that would be affixed to the host home. A doorway to the exterior, located opposite the foot of the bed in this depiction, would typically provide access to a deck as well as a means of external egress. The deck would be built to accommodate the needs of the user, e.g. if a user were wheelchair bound, the deck would be accessed by means of a ramp rather than by stairs.

Basic Floor Plan 2

Amenities to Help Make Living Easier:

  • All doorways are built to allow wheelchair access.
  • Grab-bars are strategically located throughout the unit to accommodate the needs of the user.
  • Roll-in shower and appropriate safety accommodations are typical installations.
  • The lavatory is set to provide easy and close-up access by a wheelchair-bound user.
  • The commode is set at the right height and equipped to facilitate toileting.
  • Flooring throughout the unit is compatible with the needs of the user (e.g. wheelchair or walker-friendly).

View of Basic Floor Plan 2