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5 Signs That Your Aging Parents May Need Help
 your aging parents for the holidays after not having seen them for a while can be eye-opening.  You might notice some changes – confusion when they’re relaying a story,  less agility when they’re getting out of a chair – but there also could be some serious red flags that your parents might need the help of a caregiver or a different living situation.

Here are some things to look for:

Elder Care Issues and the Presidential Election


 Why Elder Care Should Concern the Baby Boomers


Why the ranch style homes of the 60’s are making a come back


Ranch Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s and now, as Boomers are looking for more accessible living design, are regaining their popularity due to the range of benefits that ranch style homes offer families. Defined by a long, typically one story, spacious and open house plan, these homes offer floor easier access for the elderly and disabled.

Boomers Divorce Rate at All Time High


Divorce rate shows longevity and definition of marriage changes things

A new study from Bowling Green State University shows the divorce rate for people 50 and older more than doubled over the last 20 years.  Experts point to many reasons for this but two contributing factors are that boomers are living longer and the expectations of marriage have changed, especially for women.

Survey finds Independent Living More a Concern than Dying for Elderly


Independent Living may not seem a big concern for people in their 30s but it is one of the primary concerns for the elderly.  This week Pfizer and several partners launched a social media initiative named Get Old.   This online community has been created to allow Americans to talk about issues of aging and how they are impacting individuals, families and society.  The front of the site asks you to answer one simple question – “How Do You Feel About Getting Old?” The four answers include Optimistic, Angry, Prepared and Uneasy.  The survey finds Independent Living More of a Concern than Dying for Elderly

Are the baby boomers really that Bummed Out?


What do you think? Are the baby boomers bummed out?


Infographic on Retirement and Savings

When you're 64 are you going to start saving for retirement?

Another Baby Boomer Infographic !


Here is another Baby Boomer Infographic, this one is about the "State of the Baby Boomer"

Baby Boomer Infographic


Here is an interesting infographic of the Baby Boomers

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