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Talking With PALS

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Parenting Your Parent With Out Losing Your Mind and Money


While there are plenty of books on the market on how to be a parent and “what to expect,” I’ve yet to see a book on “What To Expect When You Care For Your Aging Parents.”

Surprise! You're A Caregiver now!

Being a caregiver

Life is difficult at times and can throw unexpected challenges which one cannot escape. One such trial that can present itself rather suddenly is becoming a caregiver to an elder or a disabled family member! A new caregiver has a lot to learn before handling such an important responsibility. She has to understand what kind of care the elder or disabled person needs, has to know what happens to the patient if the caregiver herself is run down or ill and also about the care quality to be offered to the patient.

How Youth's benefit from interacting with Seniors


Humans are social creatures, and this need does not diminish with age. Much like their youthful counterparts, loneliness and depression have been shown to increase in seniors who find themselves alone. Today, there are many success stories of troubled teens that have put their lives back on track with the help and influence of an older adult.

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