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10 Reasons Why Building Modular Makes Sense

Starting a Modular build

10 Reasons Why Building Modular Makes Sense

  1. Modular Buildings are built under a controlled environment.
  2. The skilled workers assembling the home each perform specific tasks in the construction and since each skilled worker is only performing one or two specific tasks that skilled worker becomes an expert on that part of the construction process
  3. Unlike stick building all the materials used in the modular building process do not face nature’s wrath which decreases the possibilities of defects and imperfections in the walls and ceilings.
  4. The process of building in a factory allows the structure to be "open" while being built. Workers are able to access the inside of the walls and ceilings, between the wall board and framing members, to glue and seal the wall board from the rear, before the outer sheathing and insulation are attached.
  5. Modular construction resists natural forces better because of precision cuts, which are fit and fastened in the factory. The construction technology calls for glue-nailed sheathing and decking plus additional framing members which makes modular buildings more likely to endure nature’s onslaughts.
  6. Modular homes assure the buyer that all electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structures are built to a HUD national code, which exceeds any local standards.
  7. Modular buildings are built stronger because they are moved by truck to their final location and then hoisted by crane into place. No normal stick building would be able to be transported over the road and hoisted by a crane.
  8. Modular buildings can be built with surprising speed. A full home can be constructed within a week in a factory.        
  9. There are no concerns of weather conditions, unreliable subcontractors, later material delivery, and human error.
  10. Once the modular building is delivered to the site it can be erected within a day and ready for occupancy within a few weeks.

Modular buildings can come in all shapes and sizes and advances in design and engineering technology makes building a custom modular building easier than ever. Building modularly decreases the time needed to be on site.

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