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Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s


As is the case with many bloggers, I find writing about my personal situations is not only cathartic but often times will help one of my readers who is facing a similar situation.  Currently my topic du jour is being an adult child caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s .  As a national family safety and wellness expert, I’ve frequently focused on child and teen issues.  But my career has consistently followed my
life path and now I’m becoming well versed in the issues facing aging parents.

I’m not sure what’s been harder, watching my dad decline and succumb to this horrific affliction or standing by as my mom tries to deny the situation and handle it herself.  Actually that’s not true – it’s been much harder dealing with my mom.  Truth be told, my father and I were never very close.  There has always been an emotional dis-attachment between the two of us.  My mother, on the other hand, has been my best friend forever.   I’ve watched her age before my eyes.  Nurses and social workers have all commented about the incredible care she provides my dad.  Her love for him is endless and, as a result, she has lost herself in becoming a 24/7 caregiver for her husband.

Why the ranch style homes of the 60’s are making a come back


Ranch Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s and now, as Boomers are looking for more accessible living design, are regaining their popularity due to the range of benefits that ranch style homes offer families. Defined by a long, typically one story, spacious and open house plan, these homes offer floor easier access for the elderly and disabled.

Survey finds Independent Living More a Concern than Dying for Elderly


Independent Living may not seem a big concern for people in their 30s but it is one of the primary concerns for the elderly.  This week Pfizer and several partners launched a social media initiative named Get Old.   This online community has been created to allow Americans to talk about issues of aging and how they are impacting individuals, families and society.  The front of the site asks you to answer one simple question – “How Do You Feel About Getting Old?” The four answers include Optimistic, Angry, Prepared and Uneasy.  The survey finds Independent Living More of a Concern than Dying for Elderly

Parenting Your Parent With Out Losing Your Mind and Money


While there are plenty of books on the market on how to be a parent and “what to expect,” I’ve yet to see a book on “What To Expect When You Care For Your Aging Parents.”

Alison Rhodes is Named President of PALS Built


Giving Older Adults an Affordable Alternative to Assisted Living

This week, I’ve accepted the position of CEO & President of PALS Built, the developer of beautifully-designed modular home additions that are handicap accessible and  completely outfitted for the safety of older adults or people with physical disabilities.  They can be installed onto a family’s home in as few as eight weeks and are a fraction of the cost of assisted living.

Mom, Wife, Caregiver….Circus Performer? I Didn’t Pack Enough for This Guilt Trip

Spinning Plates

Mom, Wife, Caregiver….Circus Performer? I Didn’t Pack Enough for This Guilt Trip

When Your Aging Parents Can No Longer Live Alone…And What to Do About It

Farmington PALS

For adult children, the reality that their parent’s health is declining and they can no longer live alone is not always easy to face.  Sometimes it’s a gradual reality and other times it’s a specific event such as a fall in their home or a driving accident.   Independent living, also referred to as aging in place, is not only what seniors would prefer but studies have shown that the emotional and psychological benefits are tremendous.  Unfortunately this isn’t always an option. 

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