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The Granny Pod Alternative – PALS Built Modular Home Additions


True multi-generational living rather than a Med Cottage “Granny Pod”

The term Granny Pod has made its way into mainstream media this week thanks to a company called MedCottage. The concept has even been fodder for late night comedians. PALS Built was also mentioned in these articles but there were a few inaccuracies which need to be addressed. Our company was founded on the belief that the best living situation for every generation is multi-generational living – under one roof.

While finances are a primary motivator for multigenerational living, the emotional benefits are tremendous for the entire family. Anyone who has had the unfortunate need to visit someone in a nursing home can attest to the fact that it is a horrible experience. And, for a significant percentage, the only reason they are in a nursing home is because they do not have a ground floor bedroom and handicap accessible bathroom. The reality is that nursing homes are sad, depressing environments. A recent clientof PALS Built provided a moving commentary on how important it was for her to keep her father-in-law out of a nursing home and living with her family.

Multigenerational households were common in the earlier part of the 1900’s but then, as people scattered across the country, this changed. Now, out of financial necessity the percentage of families with at least three generations living under one roof is increasing.

PALS Built provides handicap accessible modular home additions that are seamlessly attached onto a loved-ones’ existing home. Most importantly, it can be installed within eight weeks from the time the permits are pulled. And, because it is a considered an addition rather than a separate free-standing structure, there are no issues with zoning. While PALS Built modular home additions are attached to the family’s home, there is still a private entrance for the resident to allow him or her to maintain a level of independence. It provides privacy with proximity to insure the senior’s safety. What’s more, a PALS Built addition can be custom designed to address the needs and desires of the resident.



Modular house plans are now affordable price and unbelievable luxury.
Posted @ Monday, April 08, 2013 6:44 AM by alamgir
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