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Why the ranch style homes of the 60’s are making a come back


Ranch Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s and now, as Boomers are looking for more accessible living design, are regaining their popularity due to the range of benefits that ranch style homes offer families. Defined by a long, typically one story, spacious and open house plan, these homes offer floor easier access for the elderly and disabled.

Ranch style homes are again gaining popularity

While I used to much prefer colonial houses over ranch stlyle homes and the beauty that accompanies them, I find myself now gravitating towards the unmatched convenience of ranch style homes. For instance, since this style home is almost always only one floor, it is much easier to accommodate my aging father, as climbing stairs is difficult. Even in the summer, the fact that the sliding door opens directly onto the patio without any rickety porch stairs for him to climb makes it a non-issue for him to enjoy summer barbeques and outdoor activities with the rest of our family. As these homes are commonly either L-shaped or rectangular, they are easy to get around since everything is in close proximity.

Furthermore, the inside of ranch style houses are designed to be quite spacious, clean, and airy. This makes them easy to clean. This is great for a wide range of people-from the on-the-go mom to a senior citizen, it is helpful and convenient to live in a house that can be cleaned easily and efficiently.Another useful aspect of the ranch style homes is that their longer structure takes up more of your property, which is, again, ideal for aging  citizens. The decreased yard space allows for quicker and easier upkeep of the lawn and landscape around the house, surely helpful to anyone who is struggling to get around.

Finally, these houses are affordable. In a crumbling economy, it is important to own a home that is both affordable and a hot commodity on the market, which this style is both indeed.

With a wide array of advantages to living in this once popular and now up-and-coming styled home, it is easy to see why they are once again on the rise, and especially for those accommodating aging parents, it is surely worth considering.


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